Coincrease is a corporation that is responsible for the development of different crypto-economic products as well as facilitating the introduction and management of cryptocurrencies to the public, both companies and individuals, providing training and advice to our crypto-investors. We seek through our high trajectory and experience in the economic world of cryptocurrencies, to reduce as much as possible the risks that our clients face when they start their induction in this economy. We are expert advisers in the virtual world. We are a highly qualified team to carry in our hands everything related to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Smart contracts

    We offer the opportunity of advice in creation of intelligent contracts with which you can easily handle voting, bets, smart properties, loans, sales, microinsurance, inheritance, medical records, health monitoring, among others.

Development of Ico Projects and Cryptoeconomy Platforms

    Coincrease has the best experts to accompany you in the development of Ico Projects or projects that you want to undertake, be it personal or business, providing you with the tools so that your company or business is related to the cryptoeconomy or whether you want to start and invest in a cryptoeconomic business, we guide you step by step. Change the perspective with which you come observing your business, get closer to the world of cryptocurrencies.


   The drachma is an Ico project of its own, with which it seeks the facilitation in its maximum expression of the use of cryptocurrencies in the daily economy through a series of established strategies which will be published soon

   It is a Christian cryptographic cryptocurrency that is used within the Christian Church and soon within "Life Drachma" (Dracma Life). Vida Dracma, will be a platform of social networks where you can read the texts of the Bible, exchange ideas, write blogs, publish videos, own content, real cases of FAITH and where you will be rewarded for doing all this type of exchanges.

   The Drachma Currency will provide information to beginners in the world of cryptocurrencies, as well as to offer them some free coins so they can "try before buying", experiment with one or two test transactions before investing real money in the platform.